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Liter of Light Workshops at Rotary Majlis of Friendship

On Tuesday 10th of March and Sunday 13th of March, we were delighted to host the Rotaract International Weekend (RIW) members and guests of Rotary club of Cosmopolitan for a Liter of Light Workshop at our Majlis of Friendship in EXPO.

The workshop was hosted by Illac Diaz who is a Rotarian and Social Entrepreneur from Rotary Makati Business District in the Philippines D3830. He founded the "Liter of Light" Project which now lights up millions of homes around the world using solar energy. The project continues to successfully recycle tons of plastic waste that would otherwise end up in already-overburdened landfills.

Through this Workshop, guests were introduced to this project and were taught how to assemble the lights.Each handmade light is built from scratch using sustainable materials, and has a life of 5 years.

Overall, it was another successful event at the Rotary Majlis of friendship that guests enjoyed and helped spread awareness and shed light on a very important issue that is going on in the world.


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