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Smart Women and Rotaract Dubai

The Project is a collaboration between Rotaract club of Dubai and Smartlife Foundation UAE. The main objective of this project was to teach soft skills to women laborers here in the UAE. The project was split into 3 main modules: self confidence, creativity, and self love. In these modules, the women were given a presentation by Rotaractors Maia, Coralie, and Farhaana and were also provided with some exercises in order to develop their new skills! The project was carried out via Zoom calls every Saturday and consisted of a visit to our Rotary Majlis of Friendship at EXPO2020.

Once the women arrived to EXPO2020, they received some goodies from our Rotary venue and then they were free to explore the pavilions that EXPO had to offer! They visited the India, Nepal, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, and the Women's Pavilion.

Overall it was a great project and the women were very satisfied with the workshop, the visit, and the overall experience. We look forward to work with them again in the future!



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