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" Tree For 50 "


We were glad to have “Tree for 50” campaign that took a place on Saturday at 18th of December.

This activity is part of the UAE Ministry of Interior’s AQDAR Khalifa Empowerment Program aimed at planting 50,000 mangrove trees in the UAE in celebration of the country’s Golden Jubilee.

Rotary Jumeirah and Rotaract Jumeirah collaborate together and participate in this nationwide campaign by planting mangrove trees in the Al Zorah Nature Reserve of Ajman.

The mangrove trees will help protect the coastline of the UAE, serve as breeding grounds for marine life and birds as well as sequestrate CO2.

1 mangrove tree planted on our group’s behalf in Tudor Creek, Kenya for every 1 tree that is planted in Ajman!

The trip included educational workshop, mangrove planting and kayak tour in Ajman’s Al Zohrah nature reserve for about 4 hours.

It's safe to say it was such a memorable event, many thanks for everyone supported us.


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