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Be a Hero, Be a Donor: A Blood Donation Drive


On the rarest day of the year, 29th of February 2024, a special blood donation campaign was held at the Al Jadaff Blood Donation Centre, organized by the Rotary Club of Bur Dubai and the Proclad team. The event aimed to save lives and raise awareness about the importance of blood donation. People of all ages and backgrounds came together to contribute to society by giving the gift of life.

Inside the donation area, the environment was warm and welcoming, with smiling faces and encouraging words from the volunteers. The sound of gentle conversations and laughter filled the room, creating a sense of comfort for those about to embark on their blood donation journey.

It was heartening to witness the unity and commitment displayed by every individual present. Whether they were first-time donors or regular contributors, their dedication towards this humanitarian act was truly inspiring


At the end of the campaign, each donor received a small token of appreciation as a thank-you for their valuable contribution. These tokens served as a reminder of the lives touched and saved through their compassion and generosity.

As the event concluded, a sense of gratitude filled the air. The organizers, donors, and volunteers felt a deep sense of fulfilment, knowing that they had played a significant role in potentially saving lives. The blood donation campaign held on the 29th of February had achieved its purpose and brought the community together for a common cause.

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