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Podcast🎙: RTN.Rashed Al Muhtadi and Supporting Medical Treatment of Patients in UAE

We have Rashed Al Muhtadi, the Manager of Partnerships and Sustainability at Al Jalila Foundation.

David and Rashed discuss in detail the A’awen program which provides financial support to patients admitted in hospitals in the UAE.

If you know any patient that needs financial support in any hospital in the UAE, please contact Al Jalila Foundation on 800 25 25452.

Al Jalila Foundation is building the First Cancer Charity Hospital in the UAE.

The objective of this Hospital is to provide the highest quality care and treatment for cancer patients in the UAE.

UAE is quickly moving forward to becoming a global leader in medical technology and innovation, and the Cancer Charity Hospital is an important milestone in it's journey.

Watch the full podcast on YouTube or listen to the podcast on Spotify, Apple Podcast or Google Podcasts:


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