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Bur Dubai Fellowship Meetings @ EXPO

On the 13th of October 2021, we had the pleasure to host the Rotary Club of Bur Dubai fellowship meeting here at the Rotary Majlis of Friendship! The meeting served as a welcome to the Rotary venue at the EXPO2020 and also allowed Club President Yassin Jaffer to introduce the club's future projects. Additionally, a total of 22 Rotarians were present at the meeting, including 2 visiting Rotarians from abroad! The meeting was a great success and the night ended with a wonderful dinner at a restaurant here at EXPO.


Visiting Rotarian Steve Macdonald from Rowville-lysterfield, Australia!
Visiting Rotarian Anje Rijlaarsdam from The Netherlands!

On the 10th of November, we had the pleasure of hosting the Rotary Club of Bur Dubai again for their fellowship meeting. During this meeting, our very own Rotarian, His Excellency Ahmed Obaid Al Mansoori, shared insight discussed the topic of Tolerance in relation to the Crossroads of Civilization Musem! We had an amazing opportunity to hear from our fellow visiting Rotarians from abroad: Daniela Drabert from Buckeburg, Germany, Knut Arne Revling from Norway, Monika Lionaite from Stockholm, Sweden, Carsten Fenner from Bonn, Germany, and Klaus Drittenpreis from Verona, Italy. It was inspiring to learn about their clubs' projects and the difference they make in the world!


Visiting Rotarian Daniela Drabert from Bückeburg, Germany!

Visiting Rotarian Klaus Drittenpreis from Verona, Italy!

Visiting Rotarian Monika Lionaite from Stockholm, Sweden!

Visiting Rotarian Carsten Fenner from Bonn, Germany!

Visiting Rotarian Knut Arne Revling from Norway!

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