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Gulf For Good: Charity Gala Ball

On Friday the 19th of November, Rotary International was honored to attend the 20th anniversary of the Gulf For Good Charity Gala Ball.

Gulf for Good is a non-profit organization built on compassion, courage, community, joy and trust. Gulf for Good’s mission is to support sustainable charity projects for children around the world, primarily focusing on Education, Housing and Health in line with the United Nation's Sustainable Development Goals.

We are also honored that President of Rotary Club of Dubai, James Berry who is a managing partner of James Berry & Associates in Dubai, spoke about Larchfield Children’s homes in Tanzania. Larchfield Children’s Homes is one of the charities that Mackrell International is supporting through the Connect the World Challenge.

The funds raised will be distributed as follows:

- 10% goes to our regulator, the International Humanitarian City’s emergency response work as per UAE law.

- 25% goes to Gulf for Good’s own sustainability.

- 65% goes directly to helping children around the world. View our charity projects here.

Together, we are making a difference for many children around the world.


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