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Rotarians Sharing Their Love for UAE

Updated: Dec 14, 2021

In honor of the UAE's 50th National Day, members of different Rotary Clubs in the UAE shared their love and appreciation for UAE through inspiring stories.


Bashar Selo

-Rotarian UAE Success Story

My story began when I arrived on to Dubai , UAE at the age of 21 to visiting some relatives here - with no plan of establishing any business activities - that was on 12 January, 1979.

It was meant to be a vacation, but ended up becoming my home. We all know that Dubai is very fast-paced city, but I still remember how cars were moving slower, and traffic jams were non-existent.

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Tariq Abu Rous

-Rotarian UAE Success Story

50 years of UAE, and I’m part of those 50 years indeed. We were both born in 1971, so we both share the same age.

I’ve lived and loved the UAE for the past 20 years. I work here and I am a resident.

I’ve shared most of my experiences here, the good and the bad. In fact, one of my 3 my beloved daughters was born in the UAE. So, in a way I will always be attached to this country.

U: Under your peace and safety we all live

A: At my heart you will always be

E: Every day I’m proud to be part of this long and challenging journey

I love the UAE leaders and I’ve truly learned a lot from them.

Thank you UAE for everything you have offered me and my family. Happy National Day!


Rashed Al Mohtadi

-Rotarian UAE Success Story

The UAE has always been an advocate for growth, with quotes like “the race for excellence has no finish line “reigning true and clear as a message of will and determination from our leaders. To have been part of the journey that saw the UAE transform sands into skyscrapers has nothing short of magical.

As a Citizen, I was required to serve in the UAE military service and to be quite honest, I did not know what to expect. Civilian and military life are very different from one another, and making that transition was always going to be difficult. Having had experience in wealth management for over 10 years I can safely say that one of the best investments the UAE made in its citizens is implementing the national service. This experience not only increased our pride as nationals and grew our love for our country, but it also bonded us as brothers for life. Men from all over the Emirates from RAK, Sharjah, Fujairah, Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Ajman, and Umm Al Quwain were all suddenly put face to face with their brother from a different background and given the opportunity that would have not been possible elsewhere. That opportunity is to build friendships with one another. The kind of friendship you only get a chance to build once in your life, at school. To establish this kind of kinship is quite unique as it is built on serving our country, and being there for one another throughout the hardship of the military service.

My proudest moment as an Emarati is serving in the National military service. It is a privilege and an honor to say that his is our duty, to give back to a country that has given us so much. As the late John F Kennedy said, “Ask not what your country can do for you, but what you can do for your country.”


Musa Al-Sadoon

-Rotarian UAE Success Story

Sometime ago and while living in our own country, the Ministry of Education informed us that our children (being locals) could not enroll in a foreign language school. They had to attend a local language school (this law has been changed since then).

We had to decide where to go. We had lived in five different countries in Europe, the Middle East and U.S.A. We studied all the options including visiting new places and we chose the U.A.E. We thought that we could easily spend six years here until the last child finished high school, and then return to our country.

We moved to Dubai and enrolled the three children in our choice of school. Six years later we were in love with the whole country: the security, the safety, the people (locals and expats), the freedom of choice and the education system. We could not get ourselves to leave.

Here we are, twenty four years after moving to Dubai, all the three kids have completed their education and are happily working here. As much as we love our country, we have never lived this long in one city and we are loving and enjoying every minute of it

Thank God for the UAE and its people.


Hani Tarazi

-Rotarian UAE Success Story

In December 1964, I moved to Dubai to set up Saba & Co. I was fortunate to gain the confidence of His Highness Sheikh Rashid Al Maktoum, ruler of Dubai and His Highness Sheikh Hamdan, Finance Minister of UAE. After which, Saba & Co. and Deloitte became the Government auditors for many years until the establishment of Government Internal Audit Bureau.

Since then, new audit offices of Deloitte-Saba & Co. were established in Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, Fujairah, and Ras Al Khaimah and became the official Auditor of those Governments.

Later on, I became the managing partner of Deloitte in the United Arab Emirates, Oman, Qatar, The UAE has played a major role in supporting my journey throughout the years, and I cannot be the person I am today if it wasn’t for this country. Happy National Day UAE.


Sareh Ameri

-Rotarian UAE Success Story

UAE is home to over 100 ethnicities living together in peace and harmony under the leadership of wise leaders such as HH Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid. UAE has been home for me for the past 16 years; I went to university in Dubai, got married here, and gave birth to my two little children in beautiful Dubai. Can't imagine a better and safer place to bring up my children. Thank you Dubai & UAE for this opportunity. Always prosper and be safe.


Elena Krynytska

-Rotarian UAE Success Story

I'm Elena, Krynytska PR Manager of Rotary Club Palm of Dubai.

I'm very happy that I've lived in Dubai my happiest 8 years so far!

I love UAE from the bottom of my heart and this is my second home!

Emirates is a very safe, Multinational , friendly country with opportunity for everyone.

UAE gave us a great opportunity to open our family business and I became a member of the Rotary Family!

On 2nd of December I'll celebrate 50th Anniversary of the UAE with my friends and family!

I wish UAE growth and prosperity for the next 50th years!


Linda Karam

-Rotarian UAE Success Story

Security. Opportunity. Hope for a brighter future. These ideas to mind for Mrs. Linda Karam when asked about the UAE.

Linda survived a tragically difficult childhood. Supporting her family as the primary bread winner since she was 12, she moved to the UAE in 2001 in search of stability and financial opportunities for her family. Initially a humble Design Coordinator, she demonstrated over the next two decades a single-minded determination delivering on increasingly large and complicated projects. From high-value residences to public spaces, from 5 star hotels & resorts to education complexes and even being called in to deliver for retail and high-end commercial, she has supported many different industries. In Linda’s words, “When I set my heart on a goal, I always achieve it. How and when is not up to me, but I make sure I always achieve it in the end.” She sees parallels with everything the UAE has accomplished over the last 50 years, though of course on a much grander, global scale.

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Dr. Ram Buxani

- Rotarian UAE Success Story

On July 15 of 1958, my textile and commodity trading firm ITL Cosmos became the first-ever company to be issued with a Royal Decree in Dubai. I hold onto those memories because the launch of ITL (which stood for International Traders Ltd.) was a precursor to Dubai and the other emirates starting to make their mark as a trade hub.

I landed in Dubai on November 18, 1959. It was the time when Dubai had no municipality or any other regulator to officially regularize the business operation. One could hire a shop, put signboard of his choice and start the business.

In 1974 the two-story building in Meena Bazaar was completed on land that was allotted to ITL Cosmos, on a freehold basis But where I and the company take pride is because this area became known as ‘Cosmos Lane’ – and to this day, there are many Meena Bazaar businesses that give their address as such. It was entirely sand and nothing else when we started building the HQ. You see all the subsequent developments and the city spreading beyond anyone’s imagination to what it is now. And what it will be in the future.

But I still keep those two years – 1958 and 1974 – right up there in all the wonderful years, I have spent in the UAE. Because I do believe we did our part in something wonderful.


James Berry

- Rotarian UAE Success Story

In every field of human endeavor, success or failure is directly related to leadership quality.

It is now universally acknowledged that the UAE has accomplished (and continues to accomplish) more than anyone could have expected, by having inspired, caring, inclusive and authentic leadership.



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