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Rotary EXPO Weekly Breakfast (Lebanese Cuisine)

Rotary Majlis of Friendship is now hosting weekly breakfasts at Expo2020 Rotary Venue. Join us for a great experience every Saturday at 10:30 AM to explore different types of cuisines and meet up with Fellow Rotarians & Rotaractors.

On the 19th of February, we hosted our Lebanese cuisine breakfast and were so honored to host 25 Rotarians, Rotaractors and guests! This breakfast was sponsored by Bassel Wehbe and Rola Hamdan, and included many Lebanese delicacies.

The Lebanese breakfast was comprised of Mana’eesh, Lahm bi Ajeen, spinach and beef stuffed pastries and some Labneh and vegetables on the side. Then, to top it off, some Kunafa was served for dessert.

Additionally, 2 flag exchanges took place during this event. The first was with the Rotary club of Remedios de Escalada from Argentina- district 4905. T

he second flag exchange was with the Rotary Club Novi Sad.

Stay tuned to find out about next week’s cuisine and join us for an unforgettable breakfast here at Rotary Majlis of Friendship!



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