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Rotary International President EXPO2020 Visit

On Saturday 26th of February we had the great honor of hosting RIP Shekhar Mehta and his spouse Rashi Mehta at our Rotary Majlis of Friendship. The visit began with a warm welcome from DDG Hassan Al Rais followed by a continental breakfast. After the breakfast, a presentation was given about Rotary in the UAE and Rotary's role at EXPO. During this visit we also had the great pleasure of hosting many PDG's, and DG Ashot Karapetyan where he gave a small appreciation for Rotary's great effort in UAE.

Afterwards, dignitaries and guests began a tour around EXPO and its many attractive pavilions. The tour began with the UAE pavilion, where we had a deeper look into its roots and heritage and its growth and development over the years. Afterwards, we stopped by the Saudi pavilion where everyone got to see its many attractions that were displayed in such a beautiful and futuristic way. Moving on, everyone then moved to the Indian pavilion where we were welcomed with warm hospitality and an inspirational tour of the pavilion.

Then, the last stop on the EXPO tour was the USA pavilion were we got to see all the different inventions and creations the USA had to offer.

Overall, it was a very successful event here at the Rotary Majlis of Friendship that left everyone happy and delighted.



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